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  Domain names

Domain names are unique names used to identify websites and emails. Computers associate them with specific locations on a server, so that when you type the name into the address bar of a search engine, it should take you to the correct website.

You've got a business or idea you're passionate about and you're ready to bring it online. All you need now is a domain name that fits your business and is impossible for your customers to forget.

You'll find it here. We've got over 400 domain extensions and millions of names to choose from.

Owning your online identity has never been more affordable - and now, you have more options than ever, you’re sure to find a domain name and extension that fit your business, branding and audience.

If you're a local business, consider registering a geographic extension like .uk, .London or .Wales to show local customers you're in the area. Work in a niche like photography, construction or accounting? There are loads of job-specific extensions that make your vocation clear to searchers. You can never go wrong with a clean and simple generic domain like a .com or - we just need to make sure your domain names are available first!

Registering a domain name
To register your domain email us with your preferred choices in priority order and we'll check them with the registry's and confirm which ones are available and what price each one is.

We register the domain name in your name or your business name, and it belongs to you for the period specified at the time of registration until such time as you either (a) decide you no longer wish for the domain name to be renewed or (b) do not pay for any outstanding invoice for your domain names within the 7 day period after the expiry date of each domain name.

Domain Name Registration fees
Costs for the 2 most popular domain endings are: domain names: £12.50 + VAT per year
.com domain names: £15.00 + VAT per year

Domain Name Renewals
Once a domain name is successfully registered on your behalf it is your to use as you wish. You will be contacted via your supplied email address 30 days prior to the expiry date.

Renewal fees
The fee for renewal is the same as for the initial registration, as noted above.

Domain Name Transfers
If you would like to transfer your domain name to another service provider please contact us and advise us of the new supplier details. The transfer can be made within 7 working days, and carries an admin fee of £10 + VAT per domain name.

Nominet is the registry for UK domain names suchas and .uk. As a member of Nominet we incorporate their terms and conditions for all our UK domain name registrations - to view the t&c's click here.

Customer Contacts:
We respond to customer contacts within 5 working days.

For all domain name enquiries please contact us.

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